Winter Beauty

     Whew!  I can't believe it has been a month since I last posted.  I do not recommend buying and renovating a house during the holiday season.  I have had to make too many decisions this last month about flooring, lighting, appliances, fencing, doors, etc.  And then to have to make gift decisions not only about Christmas, but also three family birthdays has made me feel like a zombie with a mind of melting jello.

     Now I have only a fireplace redo to decide on and then a move into the house in three weeks.  I am thankful for Christmas eve and Christmas day when all I'll do is spend time with family.

     I have managed to spend a half hour each day walking the dog and these few photos are of winter beauty I observed on our walks.  I don't know what these berries are in the first photo.

     These are seed pods from a Rose of Sharon at the woods edge.


     This is winter beauty on my kitchen table.  I bought this at the local grocery.  I hope I have time to post at least once more before we move to tell you about the bulbs I have already planted at the new house.  Merry Christmas to all.