Desert Gardening Again


     I can't believe it has been a year and a half since I have written in this garden blog.  Life happens.  There was a confusing and convoluted estate that had to be taken care of when my Dad passed away, then a move across the country to the Arizona desert again.  Hopefully I will have more frequent posts going forward.

Winter backyard garden

     This is a photo of my backyard garden I planted a few weeks ago for the winter here in Arizona.:  mostly petunias and pansies, with some leftover fall zinnias and marigolds that will eventually be replaced.

Winter backyard garden November 2017

     This was the just planted winter garden last November 2017.  We had just moved in three weeks before.

     I will show what else is growing in my backyard in upcoming posts.  I will end with a photo of a Green Feathery Senna bush that bloomed this past spring in the back yard, then died in the summer for some unknown reason.  It was my most favorite shrub in the entire yard.

Green feathery senna

     Beautiful, don't you think?

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