A True Rock Garden

     During the busy spring gardening period, I was spending lots of time planning, and pulling out old plants.  Then there was the purchasing and putting in of new plants.  There was seed planting and fertilizing.  I finished the pruning that did not get done in the fall or winter.  I photographed the changing landscape of my yard with each wave of flowering.  Amid all this hustle and bustle, my husband announced to me, "I put in my rock garden."
     "What?" I said to this non-gardener.  How could I have missed him putting in a garden?  "Where?" I asked.
     "On the side of the house," he answered.  I followed him out to the side of the house I rarely visit, and there was a collection of large rocks he had arranged on the rock mulch.  The cluster of rocks stretched along the edge of the house and gave its plainness "some definition," he said.  I had a good chuckle along with him.  His goofy humor is always uplifting.  That's part of what makes him a great Dad.  Happy Father's Day to all dads.

My Husband's Rock Garden


  1. Hmmmm, I thought I commented here but perhaps I was about to and got distracted? Regardless, I love this! I was prepared to learn more about rock gardening, but what I found instead was a wonderful sense of humor touched with true love. Can't wait until these "bloom"!

  2. Cathy and Steve,

    Thanks for your nice comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

  3. I love this too! Rocks are so much fun. I would encourage him to keep working on his garden.

  4. Rocks can be kind of fun, particularly in a desert landscape. Thanks for your comment and thanks for visiting.