A Hint of Fall

     Many fellow gardeners have mentioned that it is feeling like fall in their area.  I can finally say that we are having a hint of fall here in the desert southwest.  The night time temperature finally fell below 80 F (27C) this week.  And we had a few days below 100 F (38C).  We had the hottest August on record here, and now, relief.

     My yard and flower garden appreciate the lower temperatures.  The lantana are all starting to bloom again after not flowering for six weeks.  The ruellia plants are full of flowers again after weeks of producing an anemic bloom or two per week.  My palms are looking fresher, the yellow bell bushes are blossoming profusely, and my purple fountain grasses are growing purple seed heads again.  Hopefully the grass stalks on the plants will turn green again.
purple seed heads on fountain grass
     The citrus is looking good, with the oranges and grapefruits getting larger and starting to turn color.  The lime tree is shooting up its branches and getting taller suddenly this week.

grapefruit tree
     The one petunia in the garden I kept alive by watering generously is now flowering again as well as the roses which haven't bloomed much this August.


Honor rose
     It is like everything woke up from summer hibernation and realized it is not going to be blazing hot anymore.  I'm sure the amount and angle of the sunlight played a part.  We understand here in the desert southwest that it is not going to really cool off until October.  By then it won't go above 100 F (38 C) anymore.  By mid-November we are home free.  The hot weather will be gone until next May.


  1. You've paid some really hot, heavy dues. Now, enjoy.

  2. Believe me, we are enjoying any bit of "cooler" weather we can get.

  3. Until our Tx friends suffered this terrible drought, I never appreciated that plants could go dormant in heat, although DUH! Pansies do that here!

    Enjoy the cool and the blooms! And those fabulous grapefruits!

  4. Nice to see that your garden is beginning to bloom again.

  5. Cathy and Steve, We are waiting to taste our oranges and grapefruit. They will be the first citrus we have ever grown.

  6. Anita, With everything starting to bloom again, it sure brightens the yard. It is not just brown rock and a few green things anymore.

  7. Oh, now it is your turn to enjoy the cool weather with flowers blooming. The lantana, petunias, vincas and white rose are lovely. My citrus has bloom and now the fruits are ripening. Happy autumn!

  8. Autumn Belle,

    Thanks for visitng. So you have citrus too. We will have to compare notes on harvesting dates.

  9. Your plants all look great. Enjoy your cooler weather!

  10. Thanks, Sherry. We will enjoy the cooler weather!