Cold and Rainy


San Pedro cactus offshoot
     We have had more rain in the last two weeks than we have had all year.  And when it is not raining, there are heavy, dark clouds covering the sky.  It's been colder than normal, only in the 50's during the day.  We are having our normal nighttime temperatures in the 30's and 40's.

     This weather is a little early.  We usually don't get the winter rains until January or February.  But by midweek we are supposed to have warming temperatures and sunny skies.

     With the cold weather, growth in the garden and yard has really slowed down.  But surprising to me, one of my San Pedro cactus in the front courtyard has two pups or offshoots around the base.  It is growing more arms I suppose.

San Pedro cactus offshoot
     The only other thing happening in the yard is that the trailing rosemary is blooming again.  The last time it bloomed was six months ago in June.

trailing rosemary in bloom
     There was one more thing that happened in the yard.  My husband overseeded our bermuda grass that turns brown in the winter with rye that stays green here in the winter.  Well, that drew any birds right to the rye seeds.  The birds were having a feast when a hawk swooped down and killed one of the birds.  It stood there for a minute or two with the bird under its claws before taking off.  I so wanted to go out and rescue that bird.  But I knew it was too late, and that's just nature taking its course.  But it still sent a pain through my heart.


  1. Interesting, unusual and puzzling weather. Long-term effect is yet to be known.

  2. Weather all over the world has been strange and troubling this year. Even with all the recent rain, we have still had only four inches, instead of our usual eight inches.