An Early Spring?


bulbs emerging early
     Many of the gardening blogs from all areas around the US have mentioned the warmer than normal temperatures.  We have experienced the same thing here in the desert.  The first week of January it was in the low 80's.  Normal is about 65 F (18 C) during the day.  The second week we were above normal too, but only in the low 70's.  We are finally back to normal this week with temperatures around 68 F (20 C).

petunias and pansies
     Many plants in the yard are showing the effects of the unseasonable warmth.  My bulbs are peeking up.  The petunias in the garden are flowering profusely. 

blue marguerite
     My blue marguerite  is blooming away.

     The gazania have all suddenly started flowering.

amaryllis two weeks ago

amaryllis one week ago

     Let's hope we don't have another freeze.  But for the last two years we had freezing weather the first week of February.  Oh, and the amaryllis I received as a Christmas gift from my brother and his wife is growing taller daily and will soon bloom.

amaryllis today


Two buds!


  1. What a lot of colour in the garden! Your amaryllis pictures remind me of my tuberose. They're getting more promising each day but are yet to bloom.
    In my place, the weather has been cooler than normal. For the first time in 10 years, it touched 17 C, which is really low by our normal standards!

  2. What a fast grower that amaryllis is. Nice photo sequence, showing it's going to be a big beauty. And, how interesting to see the unseasonable blossoms you're getting.

    Tell me, Lana, do you love having the lovely flowers, or are you concerned about the unusual warmth behind them? Or both?

  3. Lee,

    I love having the flowers. Not really concerned about the warmth behind them.

    1. Understand. With temperatures fluctuating again here in Connecticut, maybe my foot of snow will melt enough for me to join you in some unexpected blooms; I'd settle for Lenten rose. Take care.

  4. Anita,

    Seems like we are boyh waiting for blooms. I did not realize 17 C was really cool for you.