Living Among the Cherries and Maples


cherry trees in front yard
     Hello from zone 7a!  What a change moving from the dry desert brown of zone 9b to the lush green of zone 7a in northern Virginia.  We are surrounded by boxes from the move but we are making progress.

     I haven't looked over the whole yard yet to see exactly what's growing, but we have two huge cherry trees and three Japanese laceleaf maples in the front yard.

Japanese laceleaf maple tree

     I have never had laceleaf maples in a yard before, and they are wide compared to their height with a mushroon/mounding shape.  The leaves are very lacy and delicate-looking.

Japanese laceleaf maple leaves

     The backyard is small with maples, oaks, and other trees and backs up to a heavily wooded area that is a highway for the deer and foxes.  I've forgotten what it's like to live with deer.  My son brought me some coleus to plant under the two cherry trees in front, which were promptly chewed on by the deer.

backyard and woods beyond

     There are red and white azalea bushes on the side and front of the house which are badly in need of pruning.  I'll survey the rest of the yard soon, and start some pruning.  I may grow some vegetables and flowers in pots inside the backyard fence so the deer won't get them.  But first I have to find the rest of my dishes.


  1. Congratulations on your change of scenery, L. Those Japanese maples are seriously seductive. Be careful. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks, Lee. Although I prefer much taller trees, the Japanese maples are lovely. I'd like to see one as a bonsai specimen.

  2. I found your blog through Lee May. I also live in northern Virginia and love to garden. :o) Your new garden space looks like it's full of potential. I can be reached via email if you have any questions about our fabulous clay soil, life in NoVA, etc. Welcome!!!

  3. Thanks for your welcome and thanks for visiting. Although I've lived in Northern Virginia before, I'm sure I've forgotten some aspects about gardening here, so I may ask you a question now and then.