The Town Green

fountain at entrance to town green

     Our town, although not lacking in parks and huge, old trees and wooded areas, also has a central town green.

     It has an entrance fountain, landscaping with trees, bushes and flowers, walkways, benches,  a performance area, and free Wi-Fi.

     Walk with me through the town green via the following photos I took there one recent morning.

alyssum and celosia


     The entrance plaza to the green has many pots of flowers that are grown in the town greenhouse.

plaza entrance to the green

the main path along the side of the green

performance area
     The performance area has free concerts of a range of music including jazz, blues, folk, rock, bluegrass, as well as dance, readings, and town events like Oktoberfest.

      The original town library built in 1897 sits on the edge of the green.

herb garden
     The herb garden surrounded by marigolds at the back of the library.

flower garden
     One of the many flower gardens on the green.

green from back
     A look down the green from the back edge.

Freeman House

     At the back end of the green sits the Freeman House Store and Museum, built in 1859.  It was built as a dwelling and general store.

perimeter garden

     One of the many perimeter gardens at the boundary of the green with rudbeckia, echinacea and hosta.  I hope you enjoyed this walk around our town green.


  1. Wonderful! I wish my part of noVa had more spaces like that.

    1. It is one of the many things we love about our town tha gives it a small town feeling.