Franciscan Monastery Gardens


     I recently visited the gardens which surround the Franciscan Monastery and Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Washington, DC.  The cornerstone of the church was laid in 1898 and construction was completed in 1899.  The church was built in the neo-Byzantine style.  It was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1992.  The Franciscan order was founded by St. Francis of Assisi in the early 1200's.

     It has been years since my last visit to the gardens.  Since fall is near and the gardens are winding down, I did not see the gardens at their peak of bloom. 

     A statue of St. Francis surrounded by red salvia and yellow marigolds.

     The monastery is known for its extensive rose gardens.  There are still some roses blooming.

The Rosary Portico surrounds the church.  It contains fifteen chapels.  It resembles the Cloister of St. John Lateran in Rome.

     One of the many gardens containing white begonia and red salvia.

     Hosta in a shady spot at the side of the church.

     There are many outdoor shrines in the gardens.  This is part of the Lourdes shrine showing the peasant girl St. Bernadette surrounded by vinca and pink roses.

     On one of the many paths throughout the garden, I came upon a pond with lotus blossoms and fish.

     There are many benches throughout the gardens for rest and contemplation.


  1. I've been by this church and had a dive by viewing of the gardens. I need to go back next spring for a better look now that I know what I'm missing!

    1. It is beautiful and quiet here, with lots of gardens to view.