Awaiting Spring Blooms


     These three gardens are on the side near the front of the house.  In late November right after we closed on the house, I planted about 50 Dutch Master daffodils in these beds around the rose bushes that are in the center of each garden  I am anxious to see what color/kind of roses are planted here, since they were through blooming when we bought the house.  In about ten weeks I should see the daffodil blooms.

Dutch Master daffodils
front garden
      In this garden along the front of the house I planted St. Patrick's Day daffodils and Delft Blue hyacinths.

St. Patrick's Day daffodils
back yard garden
     In the back yard garden I planted three kinds of daffodils:  Rushlight, Gigantic Star, and Papillon Blanc, as well as Delft Blue hyacinths, crocus and several colors of tulips.

Rushlight daffodils

Gigantic Star daffodils

Papillon Blanc daffodils

     My next post will tell about the tulips I planted.  We are moving in two weeks, and we are still renovating and running boxes over to the new house which is about 4 miles away from the house we are renting.  I will be glad when all this is done and we are moved.  But I can dream about my gardens in the meantime.


  1. I thought you had already moved in. You've been so busy! It will be wonderful to greet spring in your new house with a garden full of bulbs. :o)

  2. I wish we had already moved! This renovation has been an adventure with a lot of setbacks. We'll get there, but it can't be fast enough for me.

  3. Lana, once you move in, you'll likely put in many long hours doing hard but satisfying work. For now, it's anticipation, which brings its own satisfaction. Enjoy.

    1. After we move in I can start doing the fun things like personalizing and decorating each room. Right now it is just a lot of hard work doing the renovations.