Little By Little

kwanzan cherry

     Well, our ten days of warm weather are gone with that storm front that moved through two nights ago.  Now we are back down in the 30's at night and only in the 50's during the day.  There is a frost warning tonight.  This cool weather is going to continue for a week.  But during these recent warm days, I've watched my yard come into bloom.

     Just as all the Yoshino cherry trees lost their blossoms, the one kwanzan cherry tree in the yard burst into bloom.

white dogwood
pink dogwood
     There are two dogwood trees in the yard, one white and one pink, and they finally bloomed after the cherry trees.

Japanese maple
     The Japanese maple suddenly had leaves when I looked at it this past week.

tulips four days ago

tulips today
     The tulips I planted last fall are finally blooming.  I planted early, mid, and late blooming tulips, and they are all blooming at the same time.  Late in my opinion.  It is almost May.

        The daffodils have all blossomed now.  Here are some in the back garden.

     I threw several daffodil bulbs in these three beds in the side yard late last fall, just after we closed on the house.  This area is going to have a makeover.  The wood is coming out, and the area will be one large, irregularly-shaped garden with perennial and annual flowers, and some bushes and grasses.

azalea bushes
     The azalea bushes in front of the house are ready to bloom.  So little by little, everything is coming into bloom, but it sure has been slow this spring.


  1. Here's hoping you enjoy the little – and soon get a lot. What you have looks mighty fine, Lana.

    1. Thanks, Lee. Blooming plants and trees are finally in gear.

  2. Considering all the trouble you've had with your house, I'm glad it came with some great trees. :o) Dirtworks is having a plant swap at my house on May 4, if you're interested. :o)

  3. Yes, it did come with some nice trees. Sorry I can't make May 4. I'm already booked that morning.

  4. I'm sure those Azaleas will look spectacular when they come into bloom! Your Japanese Maple is so beautiful, it's the one thing I still haven't got around to purchasing for my garden...maybe this year!

  5. Thanks, Paula. Japanese maples are unique. This one is actually growing through a deck railing.