Ice and Snow

ice-covered Yoshino cherry trees

     Our area was hit last Sunday with an ice storm and then two days later our first snow.  We only got about three inches of snow.  It has been very cold here, so not much melting has occurred.

     The ice storm caused some trees to come down in our area, but many more large tree limbs (particularly pine) and branches fell from the weight of the ice.  Luckily we missed out on the snowstorm this weekend.  It just grazed us with a brief period of sleet and freezing rain yesterday.

     Here are some photos I took around the yard of ice-covered trees and plants, the snow, and limbs that came down in our yard.

ice on mums

ice on the back yard garden

ice on dogwood branches  that still had a few leftover red berries

the same ice-covered mums now with snow on top of the ice

snow covering the ice on the back yard garden

overlooking the garden to the snow in the back yard

the front yard covered in snow

pine limbs and branches that fell from one of our pine trees

     I think the Farmer's Almanac was right about this winter being colder with more snow than normal.


  1. Your images are evocative, Lana, but I must say I am not hungry for real snow after a dozen winters in New England.

  2. I'm not crazy about snow either, but it can be beautiful.