Cold and Snowy

Yoshino cherry tree
      I have had enough of this weather.

Arizona desert
     Almost makes me want to return to the heat and sunshine of Arizona where the sun shines 85% of the time.

backyard deck
     We have had single digit temperatures at night, and it has been in the teens for a couple of days.  The side streets are sheets of ice.  When I was walking the dog yesterday, a car coming toward us started to skid.  It spun  completely around back and forth across the road a couple of times while heading straight toward us.  I ran, dragging the dog way into a neighbor's yard.  Luckily, the driver got control of the car just at the edge of the yard and was able to bring it to a stop.

back yard
     We were lucky we only had about four inches of snow. here.  But the weather forecasters are predicting a much worse cold snap come Tuesday.  Temperatures are supposed to be colder than they have been in about 40 years.  I was reading in the paper that Lake Michigan has ice and should freeze over.  I can remember about 40 years ago living in the Chicago area shortly after my husband and I were married.  We lived there during one of the coldest decades they had there in a long time.  I can remember Lake Michigan freezing over every winter, and people could walk and skate out on the ice.

the beach
     Fortunately, my family and I are escaping to the warmth and sunshine of Ft. Myers beach in two weeks.  I can't wait.  Happy New Year to all!


  1. I hope your garden survived the deep freeze! I ended up covering a few shrubs with sleeping bags to keep them alive. Have fun in Florida. :o)

  2. I think most everything survived. We'll see when spring comes.