Fall color on trees in my back yard

     We have moderate color on the trees in the area now, and soon we will be at peak color.  I have noticed leaves accumulating on the ground for at least a week.  Soon the yard will be blanketed with them.  The following photos show what little growth is going on in my gardens.

The last rose is blooming on the very old rose bush in the back yard garden.

I purchased a pot of mums from the grocery for table decor for a party, and then planted them in the back yard garden.

The Carolina jasmine vine that was severely damaged by the snow and cold last winter has rebounded and attained a lot of growth up the fence and arbor.  But it produced no flowers this year.

There are various mushrooms growing in the lawn, but I haven't seen any in my gardens this year.

We have been seeing lots of deer feeding in the woods behind the house.

Pumpkins on the front porch

     I dread losing daylight savings time next weekend.  To me that signals that winter is coming fast.  I will savor the warmth of the afternoon sun as I walk the dog for the last few weeks until winter descends.  Happy Halloween.

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