Crazy Weather

     Ten days ago we hit one degree.  The beginning of this week we had four days of above freezing temperatures.  One of those days it was 60 degrees.  It is becoming hard to know what to wear. 

     All the ice and snow melted.  As I inspected the yard, I noticed these tulips emerging in the backyard garden.  And a daffodil peeked up from the soil in the front yard garden.

     We had a dusting of snow this morning, and the weather forecast is for very cold days for the next week.



 But I am escaping the cold as my family begins the drive to Florida tomorrow for two weeks.  When I get back, I'll see how much these tulips and daffodils have grown.  Meanwhile, I am looking forward to the warm weather and all the tropical plants I'll see while in Florida.  

Cold and Snowy

Yoshino cherry tree
      I have had enough of this weather.

Arizona desert
     Almost makes me want to return to the heat and sunshine of Arizona where the sun shines 85% of the time.

backyard deck
     We have had single digit temperatures at night, and it has been in the teens for a couple of days.  The side streets are sheets of ice.  When I was walking the dog yesterday, a car coming toward us started to skid.  It spun  completely around back and forth across the road a couple of times while heading straight toward us.  I ran, dragging the dog way into a neighbor's yard.  Luckily, the driver got control of the car just at the edge of the yard and was able to bring it to a stop.

back yard
     We were lucky we only had about four inches of snow. here.  But the weather forecasters are predicting a much worse cold snap come Tuesday.  Temperatures are supposed to be colder than they have been in about 40 years.  I was reading in the paper that Lake Michigan has ice and should freeze over.  I can remember about 40 years ago living in the Chicago area shortly after my husband and I were married.  We lived there during one of the coldest decades they had there in a long time.  I can remember Lake Michigan freezing over every winter, and people could walk and skate out on the ice.

the beach
     Fortunately, my family and I are escaping to the warmth and sunshine of Ft. Myers beach in two weeks.  I can't wait.  Happy New Year to all!