August Blooms


black-eyed Susans
     I started this blog post two weeks ago, and so many family obligations interrupted me.  It is almost September and time for fall blooming flowers.  These black-eyed Susans are in my side yard garden which has several perennials and annuals in bloom.  Here are photos of several more flowers blooming in the side garden.

The cone flowers are starting to fade now. I put some fencing around them with netting over the top while they were growing because the deer took a liking to them.  But once they flowered the deer seemed to leave them alone

The zinnias are finally full of blooms.  I really don't like the varieties I planted this year.  They are not strong bloomers and the colors aren't as varied.

For the first time in years I planted dwarf sunflowers.  They did not do well.  Only a few grew, and even though I fenced and netted them for a while, the deer finally got to them.

This is the first time I planted strawberry lemonade zinnias.  They did not turn out as colorful as I thought they would.

This is one of my latest blooming hostas in a dark corner of the back yard.

This miniature rose bush my husband gave me on Valentines Day continues to grow and bloom, and I have not done a thing to it.  It seems very hardy.

These petunias  in the back yard garden are just starting to fade and die back a little.

     So many seeds I planted did not seem to do well this year.  I don't know whether it was the cool spells we had in May and June, or the seeds themselves.  For the first time this year I planted gomphrena from seed, and not one of them came up. Seems I've had a lot of gardening disappointments this summer.  But I am looking forward to all the fall perennials that will be blooming soon.


  1. Lots of colour still! Loving those zinnias!

    1. Thanks, Jane. We still have lots of color here as the weather will stay warm for another month.