The Growing Season is Over

trees in our backyard

     We had our first hard freeze about two weeks ago, a little earlier than normal.We usually don't get the first hard freeze until November.  We had peak color on the trees here this week.  Now suddenly the leaves are falling in abundance.  Here is what the yard and gardens look like now.

One of several maple trees in the yard, this one is in the front yard.

This is the only cherry tree in the yard that still has leaves.

The dogwood trees in the back yard add a bright note with their red berries.

I am still cleaning out all the annuals in the side yard garden that died in the hard freeze. The zinnias and vinca are pulled, but the marigolds and lantana  are still there waiting to be taken out.

In the back yard garden the hardy begonias are dying back.

I still have pansies blooming in the back yard garden.

There is a protected petunia that is still blooming in the back yard garden also.

The standard impatiens that are in a protected corner of the deck made it through the hard freeze.

The miniature rose bush my husband gave me on valentine's day that I planted in the back yard garden is still blooming.
     I won't be posting as much in the next few months as we are beginning to move to our old house we lived in for many years before being transferred out of state.  We will be doing renovations so we probably won't be in until mid-December.  It was such a coincidence that our old house, that we built many years ago, came on the market as we were looking for a smaller house and yard than the one we moved into after getting back here three years ago.  It was meant to be. Happy Halloween!   

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