A Flower for Mom


Red Moss Rose
     Happy Mother's Day to all mothers.  My thoughts are of my Mom as this Mother's Day approaches.  She passed away two years ago, and I miss her terribly.  My Mother was really gone four years before she died.  She had Alzheimer's, and remembered very little.

     Remember the seedling surprise of My April 28th post?  Memories of my Mom unexpectedly turn up in my thoughts just like this flower turned up in my garden..

     The seedling turned out to be a red moss rose from, I presume, the one moss rose that was on the other side of the garden that was pulled out last fall.  My Mom loved the color red.  So I am dedicating this red moss rose to her this Mother's Day.  A flower I thought was gone, but was just in another place.


  1. Alzheimer's is so cruel, disappearing its victims' memories and leaving relatives to mourn those losses. Alzheimer's had my wife's mother for years, so your fine tribute to your Mom resonates greatly.

  2. A very nice tribute to your Mom.

  3. Lee,

    Thanks for empathizing with me. Alzheimer's affects so many people these days, it seems.

  4. Sherry,

    Thanks for your kind words.