Boomin' Blooming

Red Yucca
     So many bushes and plants are blooming in my yard.  It seems that April is the major bloom month here in the desert.  Most of the bushes and plants I've never had before, but I have heard of them.  Red Yucca is entirely new to me with its long spikes bearing red flowers.  I have learned it is not a true yucca and is native to southwest Texas.  It's a real standout when planted en masse.  I have this in the front yard along with  dwarf pink Oleander bushes.  The Oleanders are green all year and bloom till fall.

Red Yucca blossoms
 In the back yard there are two varieties of Lantana scattered through out the yard.  One is called New Gold; the other is an orange colored one called Radiation.  All of them were damaged by the freezes we had this past winter, and they lost all their leaves and flowers.  Most came back and are in full bloom now.

I don't know the variety of the Pittosporum bushes that line the back of the house, but they remain green all year, and the flowers which just appeared have no fragrance.  There are other plants and bushes in the yard.  There will be photos of those in the next post.

Dwarf Pink Oleander blossoms

New Gold Lantana

Radiation Lantana
Pittosporum bushes
Pittosporum blossoms


  1. That is some lovely plants. Haven't heard of some of them up here but they look great.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  2. Cher,

    Thanks for your comments. You have some lovely things blooming also.

  3. Oleander and lantana always take me back to my times in the American South, where they perfumed the air and delighted the senses. You make me think of doing what I do from to time: growing them as houseplants, especially during these lonnnng New England winters.

  4. You have a lot of pretty and interesting plants. I had never heard of Red Yucca either, it has gorgeous flowers.


  5. Thanks, Sherry. The red yucca are going to seed now. We are heading into our triple-digit summer now when not a lot of blooming goes on.