Seedling Surprise

Thumbelina (dwarf) zinnia seedlings

     All the flower seeds I planted a month ago have emerged into neat rows of seedlings, except the blue dianthus.  Not one of those has shown up.  I am assuming they are going to be no shows.  One of my marigold seedlings has just bloomed.  I am anxious to see if my zinnia and cosmos will be able to survive the summer heat.

A week ago I happened to spot something that suddenly appeared at the edge of my garden that I did not plant.  At first I thought it was ice plant that perhaps blew over from my neighbor's yard.  I let it be to see what would come.  And lo and behold, a red portulaca flower appeared.  I did plant one portulaca last spring, but ripped the plant out in the fall after it had stopped blooming to replace it with a pansy.  Apparently it reseeded itself even though it is considered an annual.  I better check under that pansy to see if there are some seedlings growing under it.  The pansies are dying off now in the heat anyway.

surprise seedling
Portulaca (moss rose)

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