Summer Already?!

"Purple Robe" Cup Flower
     Some of the pansies took a hit from yesterday's 102 degree heat.  The petunias are looking a little ragged also.  Whew! April 1 is early for our first 100 degree day, although not a record.  My cup flowers are in full bloom.  The flowers die off in summer here, but the plant stays green all year.  The orange and grapefruit trees are full of blossoms and bees.  Nothing on the lime tree, but it is recovering from the freeze and covering itself with green leaves. I harvested lettuce for the first time from the vegetable garden yesterday.  I picked leaves off the sides of butter lettuce and red leaf lettuce so the plants will keep growing.  I have harvested radishes twice already.
Harvesting Lettuce
Orange Blossom

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