Backyard Path

     When we had the backyard landscaped from nothing but dirt to rock and desert trees and plants, we had a path put in.  It follows the rectangular shape of the yard all the way around.  It is so much easier to enjoy all plants, bushes and trees by walking near them on this path of crushed granite instead of walking on the rock.  The path is also lined with solar lights, and I enjoy the soft glow from them at night.  Sometimes I take my daily walk on this path instead of around the neighborhood.  Today I checked out my trees, bushes and plants.  The nectarine tree has buds and a few blossoms, all the sissoo trees are growing new leaves that were damaged by frost, and the two chitalpa trees are leafing out.  I found two hibiscus that have a few green leaves, but nothing on the rest of them yet.  And several of the fourteen bougainvilleas are just starting to show leaves at he base.  The weeds have no trouble growing through the rock that is spread as a base all over the yard.  The weeds and rock.  That's desert landscaping.

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  1. Really like your blog. Some great things you have done here. I am your new follower.
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