Backyard landscape

unlandscaped back yard
     After moving here last spring, our backyard was nothing but bare dirt for months.  In June we had the back yard landscaped, and I put in a flower garden.  This was mid-June, mind you, and it was 108 to 110 degrees daily.  My husband put up a tent for me to work under, so I wouldn't be burnt to a crisp, and so that I would be able to stay out there planting for more than five minutes.  I planted what was being sold at that time:  Mexican heather, vinca, celosia, gallardia, strawflower.  Most either died back or stopped flowering after a month or two, except the vinca and celosia.  The frosts of fall and winter put a stop to those.  When I examined my
putting in the flower garden
garden a week ago, the Mexican heather is green-
ing up, and all the vinca plants that I thought died
have green leaves growing on the brown stems. 
The gallardia and strawflowers have suddenly re-
appeared and are budding.  Last spring I bought flowering bulbs (daffodils, hyacinth, and tulips) that are sold in pots at the grocery store.  When they died back, I stored them in the garage all summer in the 110 degree heat and planted them this fall.  Almost all are coming up!

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