Flower Garden Flourishing

pansies and petunias
     Things are booming in the flower garden.  The strawflowers and gallardia that suddenly reappeared in the last few weeks are covered with blossoms.  The pansies and petunias I planted last fall are blooming away.  I have annual flower seeds which I planted this week:  dwarf zinnias, marigolds, blue dianthus, white zinnias, red zinnias, and cosmos.  I have never planted dianthus from seed.  Egads, the seeds are microscopic!  It took such finesse to handle them.  I held them tight in my palm and plucked a few at a time to plant because there was a slight breeze.  They are difficult to plant because they are hard to handle and disappear into the soil.  You don't know where you left off when you take your eyes off the furrow you are planting in to pick a few more from your palm.  You have to guess at the place you stopped when you drop more seeds.  We'll see how they grow.  There is now a rapid pace to spring.  Everyday another plant seems to burst into bloom.  What will I find tomorrow?

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  1. Wow, your petunias and pansies are gorgeous. I love that red and white color combo.

    I know what you mean about handling those tiny seeds! I usually put a few on an index card, fold into a little funnel shape, and tap a few out at a time. It's still tough when they're so very tiny though.