Fall Vegetable Garden


      Now that October is here, most of our temperatures will be below 100 F (38 C) during the day, and the nights will finally cool off into the 60's and 70's.  So over the past week I have put in my fall vegetable garden.  I purchased one Early Girl tomato plant and two zucchini plants.


     I have two rhubarb chard plants from my spring garden plantings that managed to stay alive through the heat of the summer, and they are growing again.  I also have planted more chard seeds.

rhubarb chard

     From seed packets left over from my spring garden, I planted organic buttercrunch lettuce, a couple of rows of loose leaf lettuces like black seeded simpson, royal oakleaf, and green and maroon lettuce called prizeleaf.  Additionaly, I purchased and set out four red leaf lettuces plants and four bibb lettuce plants that will have a head start on the seed planted ones. 

red leaf lettuce

bibb lettuce

     I sowed a couple of rows of spinach called baby's leaf, and a couple of rows of little finger carrots that grow only three to four inches long.  I had about eight radish seeds left over from spring that I also planted  in my square foot garden.  This spring was the first time I tried square foot gardening, and I don't really like this method of gardening.  To me it's restrictive.  I can get much more out of a garden that's planted in rows, instead of these squares.  I will probably go back to row planting next year.


  1. Nice to see your vegetable garden taking shape. Aren't there benefits to square foot gardening? I don't really know, because all I do is container gardening and THAT is really restrictive. Though, it's the easiest option for me as I only have a roof and a balcony for my gardening activities.

  2. Here's hoping your crops taste as delicious as they look. Good luck.

  3. Lee,

    I'm hoping they all make it. We've been back up to 100 F every day for a week.

  4. Anita,

    Your gardening space does sound restricted. There's not much advantages for me in square foot gardening which assumes that the row gardener tills the entire garden, uses 3-foot aisles between rows to walk on, and plants long rows of a single crop. I don't do any of those things. I only till the row itself, use tiny aisles every three rows, and never plant a whole row of anything.