My Brother's Garden


squash plants
     I spent the past four days at a family reunion celebrating my Dad's 90th birthday.  We met at the house my Dad and brother share.While there I toured my brother's extensive gardens. Because my brother lives in Las Vegas, Nevada he plants spring and fall gardens.

     This fall he has planted squash, onions and green beans.

tomatoes under suncreen
     He shaded his spring-planted tomatoes with a sunscreen fabric this summer so they wouldn't die off, and is hoping they will produce again this fall before cold weather sets in.  He has blueberry bushes under this suncreen fabric also.

compost bin

orange cherry tomatoes

     On the patio, he has a couple of pots of orange cherry tomatoes, and his compost bin sits just off the side of the patio next to his kumquat bush.


pomegranate bush


     Along the back wall are two pomegranate bushes.  The pomegranates are just ripening now.  We picked one and sliced it open.  We ate the arils which are the seeds.  Each seed is encased in a juicy sac which has a sweet-tart taste.

     My brother has many of the same flowers and bushes that I have in my yard:  yellow bells, Texas sage, red bird of paradise, lantana.  But the most gorgeous flowers in his yard are the red roses.

red roses


  1. I have a friend that gardens in Henderson NV. I am going to show her these photos. Does your brother write a blog?

  2. Carla,

    Thanks for visiting. No he doesn't write a blog. He has a much larger vegetable gardening area than I do, but I grow more flowers.

  3. Ummm, those images made me hungry. They also make me realize, again, how I need to get in gear and grow some food.