Spring in the Desert - Part 2


bush morning glory
      Last week I posted photos of what's been happening in the flower garden the last three weeks.  This week let's walk the backyard path, and we'll see what has been going on in the yard.

     The bush morning glory shrubs have been blooming for a month now and are coming to the end of their bloom period.

lime blossoms
     All the citrus trees (orange, grapefruit, lime) blossomed.  There were many more orange and lime blossoms this year.

nectarine blossoms

nectarine fruit

     The yellow nectarine tree is still blooming.  And I can see some fruits just starting to grow.

purple fountain grass

     After being pruned to 12 inches this winter, the purple fountain grass is growing nicely.

hopseed bush

hopseed bush

     Hundreds of seed pods cover the hopseed bushes.  Some of the seed pods are red, and some are mostly white with just a hint of pink around the edges.

yellow bells

     The yellow bells are blossoming, but somewhat sparsely this year.

deer grass

     The deer grass, which was getting kind of brown, was finally pruned this year and looks lush and green now.


     The lantana (purple, white, yellow, orange and red) have all finally decided it was warm enough to flower.


     Because of the walls around the back yard, we don't get wildlife visitors like javelina (peccaries) or coyotes, but we do have resident lizards.


  1. Bush morning glory. What a clever idea nature had. And, the citrus blooms must smell delicious.

  2. The bush morning glory is new to me out here, and I really like its nice mounding habit. The citrus blooms do have a delightful fragrance.