Spring in the Desert


backyard  view from house
     While I was gone for my visit to Virginia, my garden and yard burst into bloom.  The middle of March to the middle of April is the best time of the year here.  This is the time when the desert blooms, and the weather is the most pleasant, with temperatures running from the mid 70's to high 80's.

     This is the view out my kitchen window  into the backyard.  Let's walk through the garden and I will show you what's blossoming.



     I have several gazania of different colors.  Above are photos of two: a burnt-orange and white variety and a yellow-orange variety.

red rose

white rose

     My rose bushes are blooming away and have several blooms and buds.  I've been bringing fresh cut roses in the house.  Above are a red Mr. Lincoln rose and a white Honor rose.




ornamental cabbage

     My marigolds scattered throughout the garden have just started blooming, as well as the strawflowers and cosmos, but the ornamental cabbage has gone to seed.

red mum

     I bought this potted red mum at the grocery last fall.  I planted it in the yard after blooming, and it has buds so will soon bloom again.

blue cup

     My blue cup plants are the color standouts in the garden now.

view of half of the flower garden

     Next week I'll show you what's happening in the yard.


  1. What a beautiful profusion of color. And roses already, wayyy ahead of mine. I hope you enjoy your show to the hilt, L.

  2. Lee, We have a limited window here to enjoy the blooms. By mid-May when it starts hitting 100 F, everything stops till mid-October. Except vinca and celosia which do well in the 110 degree heat.

  3. Hmmm, hot and then . . . burning. I suppose one gets used to it, but I wouldn't do well in that climate, despite the beautiful exotica.

    1. Lee, I don't do well in this climate either. For 6 months of the year it is above 90 F. It is way too hot to do much of anything.