Merrifield Garden Center


entrance to the garden center
      While visiting relatives in northern Virginia, I strolled through Merrifield Garden Center.  This is the garden center where I bought most of my trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals when I lived in that area.  It is a peaceful oasis in the midst of a rapidly growing suburban area.

     It covers several acres and carries almost everything a gardener needs or wants.  The center also holds classes throughout the year.  Come along with me and enjoy a walk through the garden center in the following photos.

annual area

sun perennials


shade perennials

tree section




evergreen section

garden statues and birdbaths




watering cans

     There is also an area with several kinds of mulch, rock and gravel, a tropical greenhouse, and a large store where you can purchase everything from gardening tools to gloves. They will deliver mulch, rock, soil, and sand by the truckload if you need it.  The center also has several landscape designers that will help you plan your landscape. You can get an education just by walking through the center. It's a great place.


  1. L, you struck a chord with this one. Merrifield was my go-to garden center when I lived in D.C. Wonderful place. I'm glad it's still thriving. Thanks for taking me back.

  2. Small world. I didn't know of any other bloggers that used this place. It is still going strong with two other locations now.