It's Spring Here


Flower Garden

     It is definitely spring in the desert.  It is supposed to be in the mid to low 80's the rest of the week, and the flower garden is filling in nicely.  The petunias and pansies are mounding nicely.


      The gazanias are bursting into bloom.

Tropicana rose

     The roses have many buds and a few open blossoms.

bush morning glory

     The bush morning glories have just begun to blossom.  Most just have a few flowers, but this one is fairly full.

bougainvillea two weeks ago

bougainvillea today

     As I walked around the yard, I noticed how full the bougainvillea has become since two weeks ago.

hopseed bush flowers

jojoba bush blossoms

                          Two weeks ago the hopseed bushes flowered as well as the jojoba bushes.

     Soon the lantana, yellow bells, red yucca, and the palo verde tree will blossom.  I wonder how fast the summer heat will arrive.  Last year we had our first 100 F day April 1.


  1. Your garden is so bright and colourful. Lovely flowers. Each one of them.

  2. The desert continues to amaze me. Spring there, with such fully beautiful blossoms, seems more like summer to me. Enjoy.

  3. Wow, the garden is bursting with bright and colourful blooms now!

  4. I appreciate your kind comments, Anita. Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you are blogging again.

  5. Lee,

    It would be summer weather to anyone not living in the desert, but you would not enjoy our real summer here. Gardening goes down the tubes in day after day of 100 F temperatures.

  6. Autumn Belle,

    I do enjoy the bright colors of my flower garden. Color helps when you are surrounded with the color brown everywhere else.