Ecosystem Activites


forest in South Carolina

     One of the overall themes of the book The New American Landscape, that I have recently read, is the numerous jobs that ecosystems perform.  To give an example, here is a list the book provided of the many things trees and bushes in a forested area do at once: 

  • building humus via leaf litter,
  • breaking heavy soil with roots,
  • catching rain with leaves and funneling water towards the trunk,
  • holding soil in place with roots
  • cooling the forest by its shade,

northern cardinal
  • sheltering birds
  • sequestering carbon
  • sprouting seedlings

variable cracker butterfly

  • nurturing insect
  • exhaling oxygen
  • supporting hundreds os species, directly and indirectly

American Mountain Ash fruit

  • producing fruit

     The book argues that this is why nature's designs show resilience and abundance, and that our gardens need to behave like ecosystems.

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  1. Nature cares for so many, if more would realize this we would have a healthier nation.