A Gift of Flowering Plants


     My son brought me some leftover flowering plants from the greenhouse he manages for the town of Vienna where we live.

     So I went through more boxes that were stacked in the garage and found most of the rest of my pots.

     I spent the morning yesterday potting the plants.  He brought me foxgloves, gomphrena, snapdragons, and shasta daisies.  All are supposedly deer resistant.

     I lined them up on the front porch.  Hopefully they won't be eaten.  I may move them to the deck in the back eventually because I'm not sure they are getting full sun because of the cherry trees in front.

     There is an old concrete urn in front of the garage wall that I planted with a begonia from the garden center, and I put one of the snapdragons behind it.  Other than that, there is not any other gardening going on here at the moment.  But I'm amazed at the abundance of wildlife here in the neighborhood, and I hope to share that in another post.

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