A New Yard

Kwanzan cherry tree

     A few days ago we closed on our new house.  Now the fun begins to turn it into a home.  We won't be moving in until mid-January because of inside renovations.

     The house sits on an acre of land, and there is a lot of lawn which I realize is a no-no for many gardeners.  We are supposed to be growing meadows to support wildlife.  But I love the spacious, open feeling of the property.  We do have woods behind us that I hear have resident foxes and many deer.  There is a country feeling to the neighborhood.  A few weeks ago I took the following photos of some of the bushes and trees that are growing in the yard.

crepe myrtle

loriope and holly

Japanese laceleaf maple


black walnut


     This is about half of what is growing in the yard.  I don't believe there are any perennials except around the cable box in a front corner of the yard.  I will be planting about 150 bulbs this holiday weekend.  A Happy Thanksgiving to all.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Lana, and congratulations on your new garden and house (soon to be home). I love what you photographed. What rich specimen trees you have. Happy planting.

  2. Congrats! It looks like you have a good foundation to work with. Are you going to make changes to the existing shrubs? What are your big plans? How fun to have a new canvas to work with! :o)