Surprise Fall Blooms


Arum italicum
     After being glued to the TV for days staring in disbelief at the destruction after Sandy, and then burning the midnight oil watching the election, I had to get outside.  It has been cloudy, windy and cold here since superstorm Sandy.  As I walked around the yard, I saw we had no damage except a few fallen limbs.  But I came upon some unexpected blooms.

     The Arum italicum plants, which produced orange berries in July/August and then died off, are emerging again.  The leaves emerge in autumn and are evergreen throughout winter in warmer climates.  Since this is my first time watching them grow, I will note how they do in winter here.  The leaves are similar to caladium and resemble Jack-in-the-Pulpit.

hardy cyclamen
      In a shady, somewhat inaccessible area near the house, I was surprised to find hardy cyclamen blooming.

azalea blossom

     A spot of red caught my eye in the front yard.  I investigated and found one lonesome azalea bloom on an azalea bush stuffed between two other bushes.  The yard of this rental house keeps surprising me with unexpected blooms.


  1. I have been watching the heartbreaking moments of people affected the destruction done by H.Sandy on TV. Glad you are ok. The azaleas and cyclamen reminds me of Christmas.

    1. Thanks, Autumn Belle. I never thought of those flowers reminding someone of Christmas, but the more I think about it, they do.

  2. That arum foliage is beautiful! What plants are you going to add to your garden at the new place? Glad you made it through Sandy ok.

    1. Yes, the Arum foliage is quite showy. The only thing so far that I know I am planting at the new place is bulbs. I have bought daffordil, tulip, hyacinth and crocus bulbs. They will be going in in two weeks, right after we close, even though we are not moving in until January.