Finally Moved In

     Whew!  We're in our new house.  But what a job moving is.  I have finally found all my clothes and dishes.  The kitchen is set up.  So we are making progress.  But it has been nightmarish with one crisis after another.  It has gotten so bad we wake up every morning wondering what will go wrong that day.  The house looks nice on the outside, but it is a maintenance nightmare on the inside.

     We woke up this morning with no heat.  Over the last two weeks we have had sewage back up into the laundry room from the drain in the floor five times that ruined the basement rec room ceiling and floor (plumbers think they have finally found the problem), a front storm door that blew off during move-in, no phone service or mail for the first week (even though these were taken care of before the move), a dryer that won't work properly (the repairman after two visits says he has pinpointed the problem, and it will be fixed this week), a fireplace with a damper that's broken.  We have had some repair person here every day since we moved in.  I don't think I will ever buy an old house again.

     But we are thankful we did not get the snowstorm the northeast got last weekend or this weekend.  And I am glad to see ten hours of daylight that we get after January 25th.  Some bulbs I planted in November are poking through the soil.  Here are photos of some of the tulips I planted in the back yard garden.

Pink Diamond tulips

Mellow Yellow mix tulips

White Silver Dollar tulip
      I hope after this week things settle down.  And I hope Punxutawney Phil was right about an early spring.


  1. I know you'll persevere, Lana; you've come too far (literally) to turn back now. Seeing those first tulips will help keep you going strong. But don't count on Phil.

    1. I hope you are right, Lee. I am really depressed about all this. Can't wait for this week to end and hopefully so will all the problems.

  2. I hope the worst is past! I once lived in a house built in 1895. It was a total money pit but I loved it. :o) As for a weather forecasting rodent, I'd keep my eye on weather underground instead!

    1. Wow! That was an old house. I hope I come to like this house better than I do now.