Hurry Spring

tulips from the grocery

     We have had some really cold weather the last two weeks and lots of grey, cloudy days.  And now we are facing a snowstorm.  I bought these potted tulips at the grocery to help me think spring.  Despite all this winter weather, signs of spring are ocurring.

     In the last two weeks I have heard birdsong almost daily.  The sun feels a litlle stronger, the days are getting longer.  It's hard to believe that daylight savings time starts this weekend.  The trees are budding.  And some things are emerging in the yard.  The tulip bulbs I planted in the back yard are pushing through the soil.  But the daffodils in the side front garden are still hiding.  The rose bushes have tiny buds forming.

tulips in back yard

buds on rose bush
twelve feet deep

     We finally have had our plumbing problems found and fixed.  It has been an awful last two weeks at the house, with intermittent stays at a hotel because we had no water.  There were two problem pipes.  Fixing the first involved jackhammering the cement slab under the family room floor to get to and repair that pipe.  Dust everywhere, and we couldn't use the room for several days.  The repair of the second problem involved a six-foot-deep hole on one side of the front yard, and a twelve-foot-deep hole on the other side of the front yard. 

looking into the twelve foot deep trench
      There were two backhoes here, huge piles of dirt, and it took five days to complete it all.  What a circus it was.  The new ceiling and floor in the basement that was flooded were finally finished today.  I feel that we can finally start living normally in the house as repairs are finall getting done.  Except for the dryer.  It is still not working properly.

     We are all fairly exhausted from all this, and we have decided we are going to Florida next week to recoup, visit relatives, get some sun and see some spring training games.    


  1. You are overdue for a vacation! Circus seems like the perfect word to describe what you've been through! I hope the chaos is over!

    1. Everything seems to be working properly, thank goodness. I don't think I will ever buy a house that isn't in great shape again.