The Electric Garden

Scotch broom

      At a far front corner of the yard there are plantings I call my electric garden.  These plants were here when we moved in, and they surround a large electrical box.

     This is the garden in mid-May.  Two red Scotch broom shrubs bloom at the  back corners of the electrical box.  Scotch broom is considered invasive in some states, particularly out west.

front of  box
     At the front of the box in mid-May daisies and milkweed are starting to grow.

     In mid-June the Scotch broom is done blooming, and the daisies and milkweed are starting to blossom.
     Now in July, the daisies and milkweed are in fulll bloom.

milkweed blossom
     Here is a close-up of a milkweed blossom.  The bees love it.

     The daisies seem so bright and cheerful.  I think I will cut some and bring them into the house.  We need some cheering up here.  It has been raining everyday for almost two weeks.  We have had ten inches of rain in June.  I need some sun!


  1. You've done a great job of disguising your utility box. Orange milkweed, asclepias tuberosa, would grow well there, too. Love your daisies!

    1. These plants were here when we moved in. I have just been watching them grow. I love the stand of daisies too.

  2. I hope you've gotten some sun by now. If so, send it my way. Cheers.

    1. We had two days of brilliant sunshine, then back to clouds and rain every day. This ummer here is nothing like last summer here, when we had many, hot sunny days.

  3. Hi Lana,
    The garden looks nice, I love the cheerful daisies too!
    I know what you mean about the incessant rain, I am so tired of it here too. Your garden is coming along nicely, everything looks good.

    1. Thanks Sherry. Glad you are blogging again so I can see your many beautiful gardens.