The Backyard Garden Evolves

backyard garden November 2012

     This is a photo of the backyard garden taken when we bought the house at the end of November.  There was nothing in the garden but two rose bushes. 

April 2013
     I threw some daffodils into the garden in December so there would be some color in the spring.

June 2013
                                      This is a photo of the garden today.

               The first plants I bought in the spring for the garden were hostas.

hostas planted
                               Here are what the hostas look like now.

hardy begonias
                   The next plants to go in the garden were hardy begonias.

Japanese anemones
                                      I added some Japanese anemones.


                 For a quick splash of color, I put in some petunias, new guinea impatiens and alyssum.

boxwoods and nandinas
     Dividing the backyard garden are five boxwood and three nandina bushes which were here when we bought the house.  Some of the boxwoods will be transplanted to other areas of the yard eventually.  Among the bushes I planted a ghost fern, some sweet woodruff and primula.  These were given to me by a gardening friend.

ghost fern
sweet woodruff


     On the other side of the bushes there is a pink dogwood tree under which I planted tulips in the spring.

      Now a mix of red, white and pink begonias occupies the space where the tulips were.  This garden is still a work in progress.  More plants will be added in the future.


  1. Wow, it really has evolved and is looking great. How on earth do you manage to keep your hostas looking so gorgeous? Mine got nibbled by slugs and snails as soon as they put up shoots.

    1. I am fortunate that there are no snails or slugs here.

  2. What a lot of work (and play) you've done. It shows. Beautifully.

  3. Thanks, Lee. You've done a lot of work also. Are you becoming acclimated to working in that heat yet?

  4. Glad to get a glimpse of the transformation of your garden through time. Love the colourful daffodils, tulips and begonias and the luscious green bushes.

  5. Gardens are always changing, aren't they? I plan to make more changes and add more plants in the fall.