Side Garden Makeover

fallen tree 
     Last weekend it was so cool we had to turn the heat on, and now this weekend we are having a heat wave of 90 degree days.  The heavy rain and winds from the thunderstorm that passed through our area last Monday caused one of the trees that line the back yard to fall.  Tomorrow it will be cleared away.

     For the last two weeks I have busy planning and putting in a new side yard garden. 

side yard gardens
     This is what the side yard looked like in mid-April.  Each of the three raised beds had only one rose bush in them when we bought the house the end of November last year.  I planted the daffodils at that time.

bed edges removed
     Two weeks ago my husband removed the boards that defined the three raised beds.  They look like railroad ties.  They had huge spikes through them because they were two boards thick.  It was a big job getting them out of the ground.  He had to use a chain saw, a pry bar, and some other tool he rented to get them out.

new side garden
     I combined all three beds into one, with the rose bushes defining the left, right, and back edges of the new garden.  The grass my husband cut out between the raised beds we used as sod to bring in the edges of the former beds to the rose bushes.  I added a few plants and mulched over the whole garden.  Here are photos of the plants I added.


black-eyed Susans

white daisies

Japanese anemone and Siberian iris

buddleia bush


plants waiting to go in the garden
     The next post will feature photos of the second round of plants pictured above that were planted in the new garden.  The last three weeks I have been in full planting mode not only on this side garden, but the back yard garden and along the front of the house.  I wanted to get most of the plants in before the cicadas arrived, but it seems our area is on the edge of the infestation and will be spared.


  1. Congratulations on starting your new side garden, Lana. I love the variety of colors and textures you've put together.

    1. Thanks, Lee. It is still a work in progress. I am interested in what you will be planting in the front of your new house.

  2. Your after picture is so much happier. :o) You added some great plants to your new bed. We didn't have storms as strong as you did but at least the tree didn't hit the house. Glad you're all ok!

    1. Thanks, Tammy. I've added some more perennials and annuals to the garden. It is slowly filling in. I hope we have no more trees that fall. There are lots of them lining the back of the house.

  3. What a lot of hard work, but it really looks like it was worth it as your new bed looks much better and you've chosen some lovely new plants for it.

  4. Thanks, Paula. The garden is coming together little by little.