Around the Yard

crape myrtle
      The crape myrtle tree in the side yard is full of blooms.  I am not a fan of crape myrtles, and I've never had one in any of my yards until we moved here.  But I must admit this tree is beautiful.

milkweed plants

     The milkweed Tussock caterpillars are gone from the milkweed plants.  The caterpillars ate lots of leaves on some of the plants.  Now all that's left are the follicles.  When the follicles ripen, they will split open.  Inside will be brown seeds with white, silky, filament-like hairs called coma, which make it easy for seeds to be blown around by the wind.

arbor over gate

     My husband finally finished building the arbor top over the gate into the backyard.  I plan on getting a Carolina jessamine vine to plant next to the gate in hopes that it will grow along the fence and over the arbor.

deck planter flowers

     The diascia that was in this deck railing planter was not doing well, so I replaced it with a red geranium and two ornamental pepper plants.

     We have had so much rain and cloudy weather here.  It is downright depressing.  We have not had a rain-free weekend since Father's Day.  Mushrooms, fungus and other weird things are growing all over the yard.  These are photos of the two I found most interesting.


  1. Welcome to the inherited-crape myrtle club, Lana. Here's hoping you'll enjoy yours as much as I loved mine from the start.

    Too bad what the mushrooms indicate, as they're so interestingly beautiful.

    1. I don't think mushrooms are all bad. Some mushrooms don't really damage trees. The black and white ones are growing in my side yard garden.

  2. My crape's are blooming, too. Always a happy sight! I really love that gate/arbor combo. It will be beautiful draped in jessamine. :o)

    1. I bought a jassamine vine yesterday for the arbor. We'll see what happens after it gets planted in a few days..