Zinnias and More


     The zinnias I planted from seed have finally started blooming!  I am so glad I planted them on June 2, even though it was a late planting.


     The cosmos in the back yard that I planted at the same time as the zinnias are coming along.  One bud is just appearing on the tallest stem.

hardy begonias

Japanese anemones

     Also in the back yard garden, my fall flowers, hardy begonias and Japanese anemones have started blooming.


     The lavender is in full bloom in the side garden.


     The bees just love the marigolds.

reseeded marigolds

     When I cut some of the spent blooms off the marigolds, I threw some of them on the ground in the empty spaces in the garden.  The seeds took root and now more marigold plants are coming up.

tiger swallowtail

spicebush swallowtail

     In the last two weeks I have noticed more butterflies in the garden.  We have had such cloudy, cool, fall-like weather in the last week.  Temperatures did not get out of the 70's during the day, and at night went down in the 50's.  I want summer back for a few more weeks.


  1. Your garden looks like it's filling out. I love zinnias, too. How much shade/moisture do your begonias get? I've never grown them and have read that they need moist shade, of which I have very little.

    1. My begonias get part shade, maybe three to four hours of sun a day. I would not call it moist shade where they grow, just average moisture.