Fall in the Garden

Yoshino cherry tree

     Although the garden is still full of summer blooming flowers, fall has definitely arrived with its colder temperatures.  After a relatively cooler-than-normal summer, this area has had cool temps since September 1st.  It was 42 degrees here last night, and we turned the heat on a few days ago since it has been in the 40's at night for a week.  The Yoshino cherry trees in the front yard started dropping their leaves around September 1st. They are beginning to look a little bare.

     My fall flowers started blooming at the end of August and are doing well.  Here are a few photos of them.     

hardy begonias

Japanese anemones

I planted some mums in my patio pots

New Guinea impatiens are still going strong

purple alyssum seems to like the cooler weather

the late-planted cosmos started blooming three weeks ago

in the side yard garden the goldenrod just bloomed

the oriental fountain grass Karley Rose is at its fullest bloom

the zinnias are doing well
     I am reluctant to let go of summer.  I am missing the light of the long summer days.  But fall here is usually dry and sunny, and we have had many beautifully sunny days.  But come winter I may need to go to Florida.


  1. Everything looks great! I'm hoping for a moist fall after our dry Aug/Sept. I have a lot of transplanting to do. :o) Your perennials put out a lot of growth. I'm having a plant swap this Sunday if you're interested. Email me if you need the details.

  2. Thanks for the info about the plant swap. I knew I couldn't make it because my daughter had surgery on the 10th. Looks like we got all the rain we needed.