Changes in the Back Yard Garden

center of back yard garden

     I made some changes to the center of the back yard garden.  This photo shows what it used to look like with five boxwood bushes and three nandina bushes.  These shrubs were here when we moved in.  The garden surrounds three sides of the patio, and these bushes stood in the center and divided the east and west sides of the garden.  The boxwood bushes were removed.

     My husband dug the boxwoods up and transplanted them along the outside of the back yard fence.

      This is the Carolina Jessamine vine I planted on the other side of the gate across from the boxwoods.

     This is what the center of the back yard garden looks like now.  The nandina bushes were left in the garden.

     I put in five brunnera plants that will be covered with tiny, lacy, blue flowers in the spring.

Behind the brunnera plants I put in yellow astilbe plants.    In the spring I'll fill in with some annuals along the front of the brunnera. 


  1. I'll say you made some changes, and some fine ones, too. I look forward to seeing that Carolina jessamine cover that fence like a blanket. Nice fragrance, too.

  2. Thanks, Lee. I have never had a Carolina jessamine vine so I am looking forward to its flowers and fragrance.