Fall Happenings


     Signs of fall are all around.  There is an abundance of pumpkins in all the farmer's markets and groceries.  Daylight savings time will soon be gone.  And we have a freeze warning tonight over all the DC metro area.

     The leaves on the trees are slowly changing color here and are starting to fall.


     The Yoshino cherry trees are already completely bare.

     The marigolds in the side yard garden have almost completely died out, and the zinnias are starting to fade.

     Over in the electric garden, the milkweed follicles have started splitting and inside you can see the brown seeds with their white, silky filament hairs being blown by the wind.

     A week ago I bought some hellebores and loriope for the back yard garden.

     I planted the hellebores under the dogwood tree.

     The loriope was put along the edge of the garden.

     The rest of the back yard garden still looks lovely with the lacy cosmos and New Guinea impatiens in full bloom.  I am anxious to see what the garden looks like in the morning after the freeze tonight.                


  1. Sometimes when I am sure the freeze is coming, I pull up plants that I don't want to see after they are frost-bitten. We don't have a definite frost date for this year. Yet.

    Thanks for coming by my blogs and leaving delightful comments, makes my day.

  2. I just don't have the heart to pull up flowers that are still blooming. I always wait till frost gets them.

  3. You're doing a whole lot to make your garden lush and varied. And your work's paying off, as it's looking good and interesting.

    1. Thanks, Lee. I could say the same about yours.

  4. My Yoshino is still full of leaves but my basil froze. I still have work to do in the garden so I'm glad to see warmer temps this week. Those hellebores will look great under the dogwood.

    1. We have many Yoshino cherry trees up and down our street that have all lost their leaves, except one at the edge of our property. And it was the last to bloom in the spring. Maybe that has something to do with it.