Growing Season Over


     The freeze we had last weekend killed all my annuals and put a halt to perennial blooming.  This photo shows some of the vinca and hardy begonias in my backyard garden that succumbed to the freeze.

     Similarly, the annuals in my deck planters, like these wax begonias took a hit.

     Although the calibrachoa in one planter is still fine.  It may last until December.

     The deer, which never bothered my jumbo begonias along the front of the house, one night ate all the top blossoms off of them just before the freeze. 

     After the freeze, I planted ornamental cabbages in their place

     Peak color on the trees suddenly appeared this week after the freeze.

     I saw a stray violet blooming this week on my daily walk with the dog.  When I went back to photograph it, I couldn't find it.  Too many leaves covered the area where I saw it.  But there is the promise of spring as we head into winter in the buds of my rhododendron.


  1. My annuals are all toast, too. Your rhodie looks so lush and healthy. I had to pull mine because I couldn't find the right spot for it and it was a miserable wretch. If you scatter California poppy seeds over your beds now they'll bloom in the spring along with your bulbs. It's really pretty. When they're done blooming, just pull them. :o) Merrifield's carries the seeds.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the California poppy seeds. I may try that.