Signs of Spring

crocus near the edge of my property under my neighbor's tree

      We had three days in the 60's this week that melted the six inches of snow we had last weekend.  An explosion of birdsong, bulbs emerging, and longer days (almost 12 hours of daylight) tell me its spring.

     But the weather refuses to fully cooperate.  We had wind chills in  the single digits last night with wind gusts up to 60 mph.  Luckily we did not lose power as a lot of others in northern Virginia did. We thankfully had no snow, just a little rain.  Every weekend it seems we have a snowstorm, and this weekend another one is to arrive on Sunday night.  I took a few photos that shows signs of spring around the house and yard.

my Christmas poinsettia with new growth

     About ten days before daylight savings time went into effect, my Christmas poinsettia suddenly sent up a new leaf that would stand upright during the day, reaching for the increased amount of light. It also sprouted a tiny, second leaf that can just be made out at the bottom of the large leaf.  The six inches of snow we had is visible out the window.

 The leaf would lie back horizontally when night fell.

The tiny, second leaf was full size about six days later.

Tulips emerging in my backyard garden.

The first helleborus bud on one of the plants that went into the backyard garden last fall.

This primrose that came from a gardening friend last spring is coming to life in the backyard garden.

Even the dog is enjoying the increased sunlight when it shines through this window in the afternoon.
     I hope we don't get much snow with this next storm, but already the forecasters are saying four plus inches.  I wouldn't mind if they were wrong this time.  I would like to get out in the yard and do so many things like cut back my oriental fountain grass,  pull the ornamental cabbage I planted last fall, and plant some pansies!


  1. I write this, feeling good for you because you've seen the promise of spring. But I feel bad for you, knowing snow might slam you again. If that happens, here's hoping it's a quick hit.

    1. We got about eight inches. But it is supposed to warm up in the 50's later this week, so maybe it will be gone by the weekend.

  2. It did seem like spring was on the way til we got another 8" of snow. It will be here eventually!

    1. Aren't we all so tired of this. This is the 15th snowfall this season!