Ready or Not, Spring is Coming

tulip garden in the snow

     We did get the forecasted three inches of snow on Tuesday.  And the bitter cold.  On Wednesday morning, my husband asked what was wrong after hearing me shout, "Are you kidding me?"  Our thermometer read 19 degrees!  I almost felt like crying.

     But spring isn't waiting any longer.  I finally noticed that some tree buds are swelling.  My tulips, hyacinths, and other perennials keep growing through the snow and bitter cold.  After three days the snow was gone.  Here are a few photos from my gardens.

tulip garden after the snow melted

primrose trying to bloom in the snow

primrose after the snow melted

a brunnera macrophylla leaf just starting to poke its way through the soil

my first helleborus bloom


     The temperature forecast is for the mid 60's the rest of the week, so that should prompt a lot of quick growth.


  1. My garden is determined to grow, too. The weird snow/rain/sleet on Sunday was not a welcome sight. Your hyacinths look much better than mine. I stuck mine in a pot and I don't think they liked it.

  2. That snow on Sunday was a real surprise. But now things seem to be popping out after four days of warm weather.