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tulip garden
     The warm weather finally arrived with May.  It has been on the cool side, with one day at the end of April where the high temperature was 49 degrees!  That is the day the flooding rains (five inches!) arrived.  We had no flooding in our neighborhood, but many streets in the area were flooded for several hours.  But the first of May, the air changed it seemed to me.  And the bitterness of the cold spring disappeared.  The sun suddenly seemed like a summer sun instead of a weak, lukewarm spring sun.  I had to get out the sunglasses and sun lotion and take the winter blankets off the beds.  Hooray!  I long for and live for this time of the year.  The trees are just coming into leaf.  But my tulip garden is in full bloom.  Here are photos of what else is blooming.

The beautiful Brunnera macrophylla plants have all bloomed.  I love their color and lacy look.

The hostas and asiatic lilies broke through the soil about a week ago and now look how big they are.

Sweet woodruff just flowered.  I have three patches of it at the edge of the backyard garden.

The azalea bush at the front of the house burst into bloom a day ago.

I planted pink whopper begonias and alyssum snow crystals along the front of the house.  The whopper begonias are very showy.  Their blossoms are two inches across when they reach their final height.

I put in some petunias and marigolds in the center of the side yard garden.  The perennials are coming up around them.

     I also planted annuals in my deck railing pots and my large tub pots on the deck.  I will show some photos of these and all the perennials that are coming up in the back and side yard gardens in another post.

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