It's Finally Here


Yoshino cherry
     We had two 80 degree days last week and everything that had been holding back suddenly bloomed.  Here is what happened in the yard this past week.  The Yoshino cherry trees in the yard finally opened their buds.

All the hyacinths bloomed.

Then we had two nights of below freezing temps with rain/sleet and wind.  All the hyacinths were blown down. 

The cherry trees lost half their blossoms.  They were beautiful for two days.

The pink dogwood tree buds looked like this a week ago.

Now the pink dogwood is in bloom.

The grape hyacinths just bloomed in the tulip garden.

And three tulips just opened today in the tulip garden.

     I am waiting and watching for the rest of the tulips to begin opening.  There is much more activity in the back and side gardens which I will tell you about in the next post.  So much happening at once.  The garden centers finally opened around here on Easter weekend.  They are bursting with gorgeous flowers.  I went over today to my favorite garden center just to look around and get ideas.  I just couldn't leave without buying some flowers.  I ended up with 18 plants when I left there.


  1. Boom! I can hear the explosions of blooms in your garden. Enjoy!

    And I know the feeling of looking that turns into buying. Happy planting.

  2. Plants will keep on blooming, but just more slowly. We are to be at freezing tonight again! I'll be waiting until this weekend to plant.

  3. My cherry trees lost their blooms so fast! I wish they stayed around longer. I have a hard time leaving a garden center without a plant, too. I'm hosting a plant swap in 2 weeks if you're interested. :)

  4. This seems to be the shortest spring. Everything just bloomed and the heat is arriving and will do in all the spring blooms. I will not be here when you have the plant swap as I will be out of state visiting family.