Lots Happening

back yard garden

     There is a lot of growth going on in my back yard garden and in the plants that surround the electrical box.  Here are some photos of what is growing in the back yard garden.

The roses have suddenly burst into bloom.

The astilbe have flowered.

The Asiatic lilies are set to open soon.

Brightening the area under the pink dogwood is the ghost fern.

My  hardy begonias have made their appearance.  It looks like they are spreading with lots of tiny new leaves away from the originals.  Their lovely pink flowers will arrive in August.

The seashells cosmos reseeded from last years planting.  For some reason, I have never had cosmos reseed until this year.  Hard to believe they survived the brutal winter we had.

A new garden angel graces the back yard garden.

The plants that surround the electrical box are growing rapidly.  Daisies are in the front with the tall  milkweed behind them.

Here is a photo of the back of the box when the scotch broom bushes were in bloom a week ago.

The milkweed plants in front of the box are just about to open.

     We have only had a few hot days so far.  And even though we had flooding rains again all week, this weekend was dry with low humidity and gorgeous sunshine.  But this week the forecasters say we will have a string of 90 degree days.  That's fine with me.  I like hot summer days.


  1. Your garden is coming along just great! I can't believe your cosmos reseeded, either! That's amazing! Hooray for planting milkweed! :o)

  2. I can't take credit for the milkweed. It was here when we moved in. But I nurtured them last year, and there are many more this year. Alas, I did not see a single monarch caterpiller last year on them. Maybe this year.